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  • Guna 1 week ago

    thanks good work

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  • pankaj jha 1 week ago

    Respected sir……. Good one, keep going on I’m with you….. Thank you.

  • Bimal das 1 week ago

    Thank you pm good work

  • siddu 1 week ago

    good work for develope to state and our people….keep it up. ….well plan. …tc

  • This is the best way to connect with the people which is not connected so far with the citizens .this should be the permanent site without three months deadline to be reviewed by the Govt.

  • please do not remove the promises given by earlier Govt.while investing in any Govt. announced financial schemes till the term of the instrument invested does not get over and if at all it is to be rectified has to be from that date onwards and not retrospectively as was happened in case of senior citizen saving scheme 2005 announced by the N.D. A. Govt. without any T.D.S. and as the Govt. changed to Congress the T.D.S.was charged with retrospective effect deceiving the senior citizens who invested their retirement proceeds with 9 % interest at the time of N.D.A.regime. Is it right ?how to believe in Govt.while investing.Any change has to be effective from the date of rectification and not with retrospective effect.

  • parmar budhesh 1 week ago

    thenk you Sir

  • Awadhendra Pratap Singh 1 week ago

    I happy to see it because by it site a general men can give his thought. I hope you like it..
    1. The voting system is want now changing.
    2. if gov. start voter i d card like A T M card.which has a bar code.
    3. For it , It is completly private. by which any men can give his vote with living any place.
    by this the voting percentage can growth. And a large group of people give their precious vote.

    Sit it is very important work .from which a solid base will creat for a gov.

  • many congratulations pm sir



  • Thanks modi ji
    very god job modi ji

  • M Prasad 1 week ago

    Dear Mr Prime Minister Honbale Shri N.D Modi,
    At the outset congratulations for your spectacular win and hope 2014-2019 we will revolutionize the Indian development story for 132 crs Indian and our overseas PIO. Few Points came in our mind which we feel to share with you.
    1) Income tax must be slashed to 17% from present high 35.5% including Cess, 75 countries across the world have done this reduction of income tax for corporate front so that the tax invasion, black money, hawala all this can be taken to task and will help in direct tax collections which will boom as nobody is willing cross the higher limit and their tax planner give them all window dressing techniques this is creating highest black money in india companies and HNI are forced to invade tax once it is 17% flat will have more collections
    2) We must have zero tax companies like companies have employees more 1 crs head count as their employees that will help to generate 10 crs to 20 crs Jobs if we have such 10-20 zero tax company if we compare their tax contribution and if they employee 1 crs person directly that will be more equitable distribution of wealth rather taxing them, here strict check and balancing mechanism with safeguard and penal interest provisions if there is any foul play.
    3) Rural development must be the key area to increase harvest in 6,78,000 Villages with Rural Jobs created of RS 5000 pm to Rs 7000 Pm is enough for young rural youth who can be motivated to work in rural areas bringing the additional un irrigated land must be brought under the ambit in cultivation as less then 3 to4 acres land holder the economy of scale does not work so 100 Villages cluster with a6700 Cluster manager Job and they will be accountable and answerable for these 100 villages small and marginal farmers facilitation of them by seed, fertilizer, crop rotation,insurance, good post harvest price these model can further generate 60,000 more rural Jobs and later after 2-3 yr another 6,78,000 Jobs were every village has its cluster manager who will take direct care of the un irrigated farming land , let us not disturb other agencies Panchayat, BDO, Collector office in this endeavor since this will be on pilot basis can be started in Haryana, Gujarat, Goa, Karnataka to start with then to unfold it in 29 more states .This post harvest will be directly leveraged to poverty alleviation projects food for everybody with ready food 3 times for poorest of poor in rural as well as near urban area this will decongest the urban area
    4) Youth is completely disenchanted due to the complete neglect there youth power to bring them back the first thing we must do to compulsory all boys upto 18 yr must work in defense for 2 yr so that there physic will be good also they will be patriotic Indian off late they have forgotten 250 yr of India’s freedom movement , this will motivate the Indian youth to join arm forces in various discipline more over 12 th standard certificate must have 2 yr army experience, if they take PET,PMT at 20 yr that won’t be a problem this course will make national character boys coming out will be more stronger tomorrow after some time similar engagement can be done for 1 yr for girls of age 18 yr who can work in defense for more war widows, education etc
    5) Bundling of ministry power projects need 105 NOC which must be made easier out of 240 PSU which have good balance sheet to raise debt from market can have distributed power in 36 states in such a way so that by 2019 we can have additional 50,000 MW-100000 MW power . The UMPP of 4000 MW must be split into 2000 MW as faster delivery, financial closer, water allotment, PPA, Coal linkages can be achieved.
    Arunachal Pradesh Hydro power 30,000 MW LOI is the power solutions for State of UP, Bihar,
    West Bengal, 7 North East sisters via Bhutan
    For years together the difficult terrains of Arunachal Pradesh for supply of material for all hydro
    power plants 30,000 M W LOI is in place most of the plants are non starter since no Road
    Network to take heavy material for construction of Dam thus per mw cost going some where
    Rs 10.5 Crs per MW but since PLF is more then 90% so the projects are viable we need to make
    Material cluster point at Tabbang Arunachal Pradesh were , Steel Cement, sand, Aggregate
    m10,m20,m30, m40,m80 , Bricks , POP made available to these 30,000 MW companies intending
    to make Hydro Project can buy material. also a return road via silliguri , Kisan Ganj(Bihar) and
    Gorakhpur (UP)Power grid can make Transmission Network of double circuit 800 HVDC lines(2
    lines to eve acute 10000 mw each) can be build to evacuate 28000 MW of these power
    generated and rest 2000 MW can be captive use for Arunachal Pradesh and other 6 sister state
    and these companies.
    SAARC Road network with Bhutan Can immediately be started with Border Road
    organization, NHAI, CPWD, PWD all other stack holder for a 260 KM to 560 km 4 line road
    network, these will help to take construction material there in Arunachal and all these non starter
    30000 MW LOI must be made workable proposition with Bhutan’s exclusive participation and
    NHPC can work as nodal agency to speed up the projects
    6) Merger of CII,FICCI, ASHOCHAM,PHDCHAMBER and make Indian commercial services which will come under Commerce ministry as Non profit organization like JETRO, KOITRA who will organize B2B or B2C Business networking conclave in 202 countries where Indian trade consulate must work shoulder to shoulder , no industry captain needed as there is always conflict of interest if one tycoon knows potential he will never share the lead with their fellow industry players.
    7) Removal of many central Govt offices from New delhi who has no need to be at Newdelhi and congest it and shift them out of capital effort must be made for daily basis interactions for foreign embassies, trade consulates in Mumbai and foreign media on regular basis As they are all business mission no longer Political Missions any more they want investment vis a vis export make a summar Capital In Srinagar or any other place Kulu Manali, Otty,Panchmari so that the hill will have development when central ministry work there and save from scorching heat of delhi
    8) Over mounting of 40 crs cases are stopping the development process as whole day go waist for hearing to offset that all lawyers must be taken on govt payroll and paid so that they will not take fee from client all register lawyers with Bar council will be given govt job and made an Indian legal service agency (since many lawyers already in your govt they must help their brothers and sisters bread and butter on seniority base their pay scale can be fixed )and every day they should free of cost dispose of 10 cases each on everyday basis and evening they can do mediation and reconciliation in police station, that will reduce the corruption in3 tier judicial it will help greatly to make India as welfare state for poor’s who cannot afford legal battle they sale everything to pay fees of lawyer and Rs 3500 Crs is as per transparency international is the illegal gratification money that will be saved .
    9) Beatification of Bus stand, Rly station, primary and secondary school buildings with CSR money of companies used for these heads no additional burden on exchequer no reasons why companies SCR specially banks SBI,CBI donate to Ramkrish mission or other organized institution have many disciples to donate but school building in remote village no doner will give as his children’s are studying in doon school .
    10) Few controversial decision which can be taken after 2-3 yr once 1-9 achieved like only 3 generations of a family only can have the reservations can be enjoyed by one family the fourth generation has to fight with general so that other families still not brought under the ambit of reservations can be given the opportunity as by and large it was seen from few family IAS, IPS, IRS,IFS . and a white paper must be published if these benefits after independence has benefited how many families and states like Tamilnadu, Maharastra if 67% seats are for reservations for general same no of seats in vacancy must be added for general candidates suppose 100 Vacancies are there then effort must be made to generate additional 69 jobs to advertise 169 so that there must not be any discrimination this caste divide vote bank policy must end 5 to 10 yr down the line or poverty alleviation programme will be distance dream.
    11) All elections Parliamentary, Assembly, Municipal Corporation, Panchayat , Nagar Parishad all must be bundled and taken place once in 5 yr no separate election must take place as these cost huge resources, cost heavily on exchequer kill precious time of students, schools, teachers are involve has loss of student teacher school hour due to model code of conduct no development work takes place a biggest reason of policy paralysis .
    12) Sweeping change need in constitution as more than 100 amendments are there we need to calibrate the new young Indian aspirations 40 crs constitution was made more on British rule and mind set centric made during independent India , and a 100 yr forward plan must be made and check and balancing mechanism in every 25 yr and some key reforms, Election, Legal (Higher judiciary must be made accountable and contempt of court provisions must be abolished with immediate effect can be replaced with Jury system of US ), Police, Land must be corroborated with the new constitutions frame work and even if the law and order is a state subject there must be an internal security minister who will access the state’s law and order directly and all paramilitary forces like RAF etc will be under his full control of deployment even if states delays for request of central forces for what so ever political reason , can be offset
    13) Strict action against must be taken again few massihas of minority committee like Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav, Abu Azmi, Mr Azam Khan Mr Obesy and J& K separatist leader who must be made understood that Indian constitutions preamble is there for all 132 crs people irrespective of cast community religion everybody has their fundamental rights as well as duty also these so called massihas must not brain wash(Bargalana ) the minority community. At the same time the Right wing hindu extremist must be checked specially the effort must be made to have people like Mr J.K. Jain, Late Mr Pramod Mahajan getting Rs 1 per reliance share , the middle level RSS pracharak are more honest,(than their top functionary ) jingoist and work for countries pride were as top ranking persons involve in petrol pump allotment , import of onion,sugar involve in Cartelization and all corrupt practices and become very complacent drunk heavily with power it was seen during Mr morarzi bhai desai time as well as mr Atal bihari bajpai time
    14) Urban planner who are claiming Indian by 2030 will have 70 % urban populations must revisit as we cannot afford to have such huge urban populace instead of that we must have 40 % urban and 60% rural Population with road, water, sanitation, school. Colleges , medical facilities and more Rural Jobs(save national income with controlled spending) bringing Marginal farmers land under irrigation with an income of Rs 6000 to Rs 8000 pm job is sufficient in Rural areas where as in Urban area Rs 25000 pm is also in sufficient as cost of urban living is high which is again a major reason of global warming and depleting ozone layer New Delhi with 70 lakhs vehicles should be seen how to have bioful used.Govt Bio diesel mission must be again restarted which took a back seat with the clean sabotage by Oil merchants .
    15) The Solar power Plant must have 90% subsidy roof top Solar with net metering can easily generate 20,00,00 MW per year with 300 good solar days in india as least Max demand in Day time can be addressed without Battery Bank and shifting of Maximum Demand of eastern and western India by 1-2 yr will have less cost grid power as due to access supply of Solar Cells the Per MW has cost come down to grid parity 8 Crs per MW
    16) Trifurcation of FCI were procurement, distribution and warehouse comes under separate entity and warehouse rent (Min Rs 10 per quintal) must be lucrative to create 100 Mn tons warehouse space which is a gap for 500 million ton annual farm harvest
    17) Avoiding too much defense person used for civilian job instead of local police is harmful on long run in north east and J & K some time they misuse the power once their job is over they should be called back civil society must be treated with civilian dress as many time it was found these arm forces involve in clandestine activity like in laddakh taking civil logistic over weight in defense vehicle and corrupt with money
    18) The Parliamentary committee must be abolished with immediate effect which are waistage of time, money and white elephants good for nothing and 545 constituency specific committees must be made for decentralization of power were the MP must be CEO and have a 5 yr target base action plan were all MLA,MLC, Rajya shabha MP from that area must be taken in confidence,Local cancellers, ward members sarpach of villages work fence to fench such pilot projects can be done where central and state have same party to start with and later it can be expanded across 545 constituency in whole country

    Hope above points are our vision for a super power India can be chosen carefully to make India economic super power
    Thanks regards
    Sincerely Yours
    M Prasad
    Corporate communication on behalf of founder promoter

  • Peeraram Mali 1 week ago

    bhai Rajiv Dixit ji ke sapno ka bharat sahte hai hum… seat hamne BJP ko di hai vo BJP ko nahi aapko Di hai ……Please your contact number. …..

  • Peeraram Mali 1 week ago


  • Peeraram Mali 1 week ago

    rasxa mai Videshi nivesh 49% rong disition

  • congrats for own the BJP as a PM so i am requesting you that if you expense the financial funds for any project in any where please take care of that budget by alone you with out mediators because the party has done a very good job but mediators spoil that ambitions.

    please remodified the reservations for POOR OC catogory students in all sectors i.e. education and job sectors

    thanking you sir by shiva and chandra mohan reddy

  • For dovelopment control population of india

  • sahil shah 1 week ago

    e govrance to save time n easy platform to solve many issues of common man thanks to modi je . u kn save India from from bad rulers of india .

  • Create Cabinet Miniser each for Potatoes, Tomatoes and Onions, the 3 imp vegetables which can even pull down a popular government. Each will have team in Delhi and teams in each state. The idea is to focus on one item 24 hrs a day. They will not do any other work. You will get results and people will appreciate this step


    feeling very proud to get such a pm expressing ideas that would develop our agriculture sector



  • badshah kumar yadav 5 days ago


    Respected sir,

    Pm narendra modi
    I want to give my technology avout automatic water filter plant withot using
    Any energy .

  • harshmistry 4 days ago


  • G V K REDDY 2 days ago

    For good governance good opposition is required for meaning full discussion in parliament.In this context I advise you to give leader of opposition status to congress party since it is the largest and oldest party in our country. Truly speaking congress party would have come to power if Mr Naidu did not have announced loan waiver scheme of farming community in his election campaign.With out the support of any national party he cannot fulfill his promises.If BJP govt do not help ,he might look at congress party which has promised loan waiver scheme in AP, then it is not good for BJP.MR. Naidu is planning to hit three birds for one shot.(Three birds are BJP govt led by Mr Modi,YS Jagan Reddy and his own party with the help of congress party supporters in TDP).So my sincerer advise is to give LOP status to congress party ignoring Mr.Venkaiah Naidu”s directives. This information is very very confidential ,congress party may be given LOP status immediately by the end of this parliament session because congress party do not like the fall of BJP government.Congress party wants to see the ruling of BJP party and how it improves the economy our nation through inclusive growth and good governance.

    • GVKREDDY 2 days ago

      Respected PM Sri Narendra modi sir,
      my comments already given above as per good governance LOP status shall be given to Congress party only .