A land dispute between two groups has blown up into a riot in Saharanpur, with their members indulging in arson and heavy stone-pelting. Cross-firing too has been reported. Some shops were damaged and a petrol pump was set on fire. The police are struggling to bring the situation under control and have put the city limits under curfew. Over 24 persons are injured.

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  • lalit 1 month ago

    Wat more we can expect from sp ?complete mockery of administration

  • I live in saharanpur, there is No Police in my area and people are firing and burning shops, situation is very dangerous for us. Govt doesn’t care about us, more than 7 people are dead here and many got injured severely.

    • Naushad Husain 1 month ago

      Sikh firgot that how muslims rescued them while indra murdered…
      Now they should call Modi…