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Funny Drunk Fail | Two Drunks Don’t Make A Flight

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Stumbling back home from the bar, this drunk tries to get himself to puke when suddenly a car pulls up to the curb and another drunk guy pukes on the curb.Original Link:

Professional Wolf Howler Gets Wildlife to Respond | Always Cry Wolf

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Listen as the MFK 2 Reed Competition Howler lets out a wolf howl into the wild and gets an entire pack of wolves to respond!Original Link: for awesome videos every ...

JetBlue Plane Emergency Landing When Engine Fails

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Headed to Austin, Texas, this JetBlue flight initiates an emergency landing when one of its engines overheats causing smoke to fill the cabin. Passengers were over the ocean when the cabin was filled with smoke, but e...

6 Aerial and Skydiving Fails from the JukinVideo Vault

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In going through the JukinVideo vault, our team found these 6 crazy skydiving fails! This comp will teach you to be careful after jumping out of a plane!SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos every day!:

Truck Tries to Run Over Dirt Bike | Real Life Chicken

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While driving around this parking lot, this dirt bike rider is suddenly chased by a truck. The truck does its best to try to run down the biker, but the dirt biker managers to get away.SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos eve...

Bonfire Blaze Sets Hair On Fire | Ultimate Red Head

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Having set up a huge pile of wood, these kids try setting it on fire. If this kid wasn't a red head before, he certainly is now!SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos every day!: us on FACEBOOK: htt...

Biggest California Dude Ever | Flyboarding Guitarist

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This guitarist completely embodies the stereotypical California "dude". With his flyboard and guitar, he sings while flying through the air, further marketing the awesomeness of the West Coast.Original Link: https://w...

Top 5 Parking Lot Fails || JukinVideo Top Five

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Ever get frustrated by horrible parking? Check out these top 5 worst parking lot fails to see some really horrible parking!SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos every day!: us on FACEBOOK: http://b...

Epic Monster Truck Freestyle | How To Destroy A Truck

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During the Orlando Monster Jam at the Citrus Bowl, this monster truck performs an epic freestyle that winds up nearly totaling his car!Original Link: for awesome vi...

Mount Huashan Plank Walk | Walking the Plank

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Considered the deadlist hike in the world, the Mount Huashan plank walk allows you to literally walk the plank!Original Link: for awesome videos every day!: http://...

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