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Yesterday’s plyometric routine primed the pump for today’s high-intensity cardio madness. We warned you that week four was going to turn up the heat!

There’s cardio, and then there’s high-intensity interval training, or HIIT. People who have experienced both have trouble accepting that the same “cardio” label could possibly describe them. HIIT is an explosion of action that leaves you drained, gasping, and still sweating for hours after you do it. It may be hard to understand at first, but doing this for even just a few minutes is great for both your heart and your waistline!

Perform a high-intensity interval cardio workout.

You dipped a toe into the world of high-intensity interval training last week when you tested yourself in one of four challenge workouts. The only difference is that in a challenge workout, you’ll usually track your results and try to beat them next time around.

In most HIIT workouts, you focus on nothing more than pure, unadulterated effort. If you can think about anything more complex than “Go, go, go!” before you get a chance to rest, you’re either not pushing hard enough, or you’re doing an activity that’s too complicated.

Today, keep it simple both in what you do and how you program it. Stick with things like stationary bikes—or even better, the fan bike, because it gets more difficult the faster you pedal—or foot-powered locomotion such as sprinting, hill returns, or sled pushes and pulls.



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