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With all the hard work you’ve been doing, you deserve to start off the day with a delicious breakfast that will help your muscles refuel and repair. Today’s workout is in the kitchen at first call!

Over the last three weeks, you’ve been working hard and—hopefully—sleeping hard. The trainers who help actors achieve incredible transformations for movie roles know that those two factors are central to their success. The meal that that actor reaches for after a well-earned rest—breakfast—is just as important!

What’s on your plate or in your bowl in the morning: Something that reflects your ambitious physical goals, or something that reflects Saturday morning cartoon ads? If breakfast is still an afterthought or a nutritional black hole, it’s time for you to get serious about the most important meal of the day. Here’s Kathleen to tell you more.

Make a nutritious high-protein breakfast and post-workout meal.

Today, your challenge is simple. Start the day with protein and the other nutrients your body needs to fuel hard training! As Kathleen mentions, if you’re someone who trains in the morning, you may want to wait until after a workout until you take in a big meal. But if you’re following the Ultimate 30-Day Beginner’s Guide to Fitness program and resting today, then take this opportunity to indulge in one of these recipes!

The recipes above can be tailored to meet different tastes or grocery supplies. If you like a sweet breakfast, or if you enjoyed making homemade protein bars earlier this week, try one of “The Protein Powder Chef”Anna Sward’s whey treats.

If you’re a whole-food lover or prefer a savory breakfast, give Vince Del Monte’s meat and nuts breakfast a try. There’s a world of ways to start your day off with protein!



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