20 seconds work/10 seconds rest – 12 minute workout
a good introduction to interval training. this workout is a great light day workout as well- for days when you can’t do yoga or do not have the energy to jump
please preview before you begin!
each exercise is performed only once. you can hit the play button 2 or 3 times and make is a 24 or a 36 minute workout. moderate intensity. great for light days for advanced yogis and appropriate as an introduction to intervals for beginners.
we are covering all the most important lower body exercises plus a few bonus ab and upper body moves.
plie squats, squats, deadlifts,bridge, hip trusts, squats,wide legged squats, lunges, cross lunges, side lunges, step outs, diagonal lifts, abs, crunches, bicycle, kettle bell swings.



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