Yoga class for beginners and intermediate practitioners for digestion.
Practice on empty stomach.
music by
NO PLANKS, NO CHATURANGAS- great if you have wrist problems.
This class is appropriate as a morning class to wake up the digestive fire. Or in the afternoons as a mild digestive support. This class will address belly fat, abdominal fat, mid section fat.
The class will support PROPER POSTURE.
Also add this practice after abdominal work, especially after crunches and abs in order to lengthen and tone the body- this practice will give you a more toned, elongated look and stands.
This routine will support weight loss when added to my Interval Yoga Classes.
Included in the class:
cat cow, twists, chair, cobra, dhanurasana, bow pose, breath of fire, pranayama, shoulder rolls, spins, side bends, side reaches, twists, BACKBENDS, STANDING BACKBENDS, CAMEL, etc



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