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The Big Bang Theory – Professor Proton Returns

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Leonard, Sheldon, and Amy run into the beloved Professor Proton.

The Big Bang Theory – Tiny Little Diamond

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Raj is jealous of Howard helping the girls make better jewelery.

The Big Bang Theory – I’m Annoying

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Sheldon pokes at Amy to tell him he's annoying.

The Big Bang Theory – Beloved Science Personality

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Sheldon uses Bill Nye to make Professor Proton jealous.

The Big Bang Theory – The Story Behind The Theme Song

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Find out how the The Big Bang Theory Theme Song by Barenaked Ladies came to be. Watch the interview with

The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon And His Brain

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Sheldon makes a brilliant scientific discovery.

The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Doesn’t Get Lucky

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Sheldon realizes his genius discovery was a big mistake.

The Big Bang Theory – Something Special

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Howard asks the group if they can help him do something special for Bernadette.

The Big Bang Theory – From The Moment That I Met You

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Since Bernadette couldn't make it to her date, Howard decides to bring the date to her.

The Big Bang Theory – Crap Storm Of Romance

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Penny tries to set a special romantic date for Leonard to prove she can be romantic.

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