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The Big Bang Theory – In My Pants

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If Sheldon weren't around, Leonard and Penny would never have gone out.Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists -

The Big Bang Theory – Ladies Man

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Raj and Leonard find out how the future would have been if they had been roommates.Leonard and Sheldon

The Big Bang Theory – Laundry Night

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If Leonard had been out of the picture, everyone thinks that Penny would have gone for Sheldon.Leonard and

The Big Bang Theory – Magic Beans

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Penny and Leonard argue over the boyfriend that could have been, meanwhile Sheldon is traumatized by his sister's labor.

The Big Bang Theory – Uncle Dr. Cooper

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Sheldon is getting ready to go back home to be uncle Dr. Cooper to his sister's newborn baby.Leonard

The Big Bang Theory – Embarrassment Express

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Sheldon is not feeling too happy and Amy and Wil try and change his mood.Leonard and Sheldon are

The Big Bang Theory – Why Are We Fighting?

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Howard and Bernadette realize that the root of their arguments is Raj.Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists -

The Big Bang Theory – Science Friday

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Sheldon gets bullied on the radio.Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists - geniuses in the laboratory, but socially

The Big Bang Theory – Better Husband

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Howard is feeling uncomfortable with Raj being a better husband than he is.Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists

The Big Bang Theory – Happy Wife, Happy Life

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Leonard and Penny want her ex boyfriend to sign their annulment and he is giving them a hard time.

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