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The Big Bang Theory – Hungry Hungry Hippo

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While Penny is excited for her big brake, Sheldon has his own theory for comedy.Leonard and Sheldon are

The Big Bang Theory – Uncle Dr. Cooper

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Sheldon is getting ready to go back home to be uncle Dr. Cooper to his sister's newborn baby.Leonard

The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Doesn’t Get Lucky

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Sheldon realizes his genius discovery was a big mistake.

The Big Bang Theory – Take One For The Team

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Sheldon is upset that Penny is changing Leonard and that Amy is changing him.Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant

The Big Bang Theory – Jim Parsons on The Kiss

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In this exclusive interview, Jim Parsons dishes on the kiss between Sheldon and Amy, the journey of their relationship and

The Big Bang Theory – It’s Live! Go! Go! Go!

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The boys are all trying to buy tickets for Comic Con and Penny thinks its pretty sad..Leonard and

The Big Bang Theory – Naked Sex

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Sheldon confronts his mother about her sex life.Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists - geniuses in the laboratory,

The Big Bang Theory – Penny Is Married

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As Penny jokes about her Vegas Thanksgiving, she realizes that she's a married women.Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant

The Big Bang Theory – Professor Proton Returns

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Leonard, Sheldon, and Amy run into the beloved Professor Proton.

The Big Bang Theory – Thanksgiving Is Ruined

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While Penny argues that she's tipped a cow, Howard invites everyone to his house for Thanksgiving.Leonard and Sheldon

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